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Theresa Costanzo


My name is Theresa Costanzo and I will be joining Kris on her adventure with Nature Together.

My husband and I moved to Washington in 1997 and have raised 2 boys here. Having grown up in Pennsylvania, Texas and North Carolina I have been able to experience diverse natural surroundings but I admit the Pacific Northwest is my favorite. Our access to such variety: beaches, forests and mountains, is unmatched.

I have assisted in a traditional Preschool environment for the past 13 years and plan to apply all I’ve learned to the Nature Together model. I have always taken an active role in my boys’ education, volunteering in their classrooms, and leading the Art Docent program at their school. 

I am a Certified Yoga Teacher having studied Viniyoga at Whole Life Yoga in 2013 and have been sharing movement and mindfulness with kids and adults since then.

I make time for a workout every day. I am passionate about fitness and healthy food and how they contribute to our emotional and mental wellbeing.

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